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  • Send Directions to Your Mobile Phone!
    Posted 8 years ago ago by

    Finding directions to your favorite (or new favorite) dispensary is easy on, but what about actually getting to the dispensary? If you are like me, you don't take your computer with you, so what are you options to make sure you don't get lost along the way? One feature that we are really excited about is the ability to send directions directly to your Android... [more]

  • Bayesian Weighted Averages, and Why You Care
    Posted 9 years ago ago by

    The search algorithms on were recently upgraded to utilize Bayesian weighted averages for results. When sorted, this is the value that is used rather than the actual rating of the specific result. Why do we do this, and why should you care? Let's say there are two and only two dispensaries in given location. One has been in operation for years and is well liked. It... [more]

  • Live Activity Stream
    Posted 9 years ago ago by

    CannaCentral is very excited about some of the new social features that have come to the site (with more on the way!). From the Activity page, you can quickly see all the recent updates from dispensaries, clinics and grow shops near you, as well as any page that you are a fan of. It's easy to follow almost any page on CannaCentral. Once you have... [more]

  • THC and CBD Percentages
    Posted 9 years ago ago by

    The CannaCentral menu editor now allows dispensary owners to list specific information about their menu items. As the quality of our data improves with use, we will be able to roll this information up to the strain level - we have some cool analytics coming soon. The new metadata fields that we now support are: THC Percentage CBD Percentage Cultivation Method Non/Organic Growth Look for updates to our Locate and... [more]

  • How Do We Do Location Searches For Medical Marijuana?
    Posted 9 years ago ago by

    The Locate functionality is the centerpiece of - the technology behind it probably does a lot more than you think it does! Outside of the Locate page itself, the technology behind it is used all over the site to show strains, clinics, dispensaries, and grow shops near to your location. If you are one of the lucky dispensaries to be featured while CannaCentral is... [more]