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November 4, 2011 by

We have just completed a major overhaul of our JavaScript infrastructure to improve performance on the site. Through lazy loading, we are able to reduce the amount of data download and work done by your computer before the page is displayed – we notice it in our browsers and hope you see it in yours too!

Lazy loading is a design pattern which basically says “don’t load it until you need it”. Previously a wide range of JavaScript needed to be loaded to support all the functionality on CannaCentral – correcting an address in our location window on the top right or looking up your current location (try it, it’s cool!) for example, just to be ready in case you needed it.

Now we wait for you to *actually* need it before the files are loaded, which means the majority of the time when you aren’t using that functionality, the pages are streamlined and quick to load.

We have also implemented some additional database improvements which should further decrease the time it takes to find results near you – check out the Locate page to see it in action.


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