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August 15, 2011 by

Finding directions to your favorite (or new favorite) dispensary is easy on, but what about actually getting to the dispensary? If you are like me, you don’t take your computer with you, so what are you options to make sure you don’t get lost along the way?

One feature that we are really excited about is the ability to send directions directly to your Android or iPhone mobile device. You will need to be able to read QR Codes, which can be done on Android via the Google Goggles application, or on the iPhone using RedLaser QR Reader (also available in the Android Market here).

From the Locate page, just click the tiny QR code icon next to the Directions icon, which will show you the full sized QR code – it looks like the image in this blog pust, but only 20 pixels square. Once you have the QR code, just fire up Google Googles on your Android or RedLaser on your iPhone – both should automatically detect the QR code though you may need to give it a moment to focus. Just click the link that is read, and then, like magic, you will have the option to view directions to the dispensary in the Maps application on Android or Google Maps Mobile on your iPhone. Make sure to enter your exact starting address in the “Where?” field on the page to get precise distances and directions.

We have also included a link directly to Google Maps with your directions to give you access to all the latest features that the full blown Maps application provides. You can easily find walking, driving, biking, and public transit directions, plus easily set waypoints on your route.

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