Mambo Social Club
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Mambo Social Club
Scheepvaartkaai 16a Hasselt
Belgium, Europe, EU 3500
Appointment only
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Vzw Mambo Social Club is a Cannabis Social Club based in Hasselt, Belgium and a non-profit organisation.

The Mambo Social Club was founded in april 2013.

We are the second Cannabis Social Club of Belgium.

We grow 100% organic and biological Cannabis Indica, Sativa, hybrids & CBD strains (medical Cannabis) for our members.

Mambo Social Club is member of ENCOD and operates in compliance with the ENCOD code of conduct.

We operate in compliance with the Belgian laws by growing one plant for each member.

Cannabis consumers who are at least 21 years of age and who are residents of Belgium can become member.

Creating a better world, one plant at the time.

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gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
Jorge's Diamonds #1
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
Special Queen #1
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
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