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November 3, 2011 by

Sebastopol, a small city north of San Francisco, isn’t know to be friendly towards cigarettes. In the past they have voted to prohibit smoking in work places, bars and restaurants, retail stores and in public areas such as parks.

In July they went a step further, requiring that landlords write no-smoking clauses into their contracts for new rental properties. All existing contracts will need to be modified within 14 months to include the ban.

This broad ban left medical marijuana users wondering where they stood, legally, to use marijuana in their homes.

The City Council resolved the issue this week with a unanimous vote to exclude medical marijuana from the definition of “smoking” in the legislation.

Other nearby locales such as Sonoma and Santa Rosa have implemented or are considering similar bans.

[source Press Democrat]

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  1. Sebastopol CA! Beautiful town full of yuppies, green party members, and burnt out hippies.

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  2. This is my hometown! They spelled it wrong in the article though. This isn’t surprising at all, though, we Sebastapudlians love our weed.

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  3. The cigarette smoking ban has gotten out of control. Dictating to private landlords what they may or may not allow on their own property? That’s as bad a the criminalization of trees. Although, it is impressive they are smart enough to know trees are still healthier than tobacco.

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    • >That’s as bad a the criminalization of trees.

      Hardly. [Australia]( has been implementing laws like this over the past couple of decades and I would expect similar laws to be in place for marijuana when it is legalised. Smoking rates have decreased consistently because of them, and having grown up with most of these rules in place they don’t seem like a big deal at all. Having to go outside for 5 minutes to smoke should be common courtesy, anyway.

      I understand that people should be able to make their own decision about this kind of thing, but it makes it hard for restaurants or bars that have banned smoking to compete with those that haven’t.

      Banning smoking in parks is fucked up, though.

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    • alexroark via Reddit on

      It’s absolutely disgusting. No private entity – apartment, restaurant, bar or otherwise – should be *forced* to ban smoking on their premises. If they want to ban it they can, and if they want to allow it, they should be allowed to.

      Human beings are capable of choosing the smoking or the non-smoking bar for themselves; we’re not children. I’d be spear-heading a recall movement on the city’s mayor if I lived there, and *I don’t even smoke.*

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  4. all these weird laws are all to due to the fact that earth is overpopulated. So that means the dumb masses/dumbasses cant be trusted with fire

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