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February 21, 2011 by

A new job board has opened aiming to cater to the medical marijuana industry.  If you’re interested in working in the industry, THCjobs might help.

Greg Olson, the site’s founder, says that “There are a lot of companies who are looking to hire people, but there was not a single site devoted to employment in this industry. We wanted to create a platform where employers and prospective employees could connect. I think our company mission, which is to connect passionate and talented people with companies and organizations in the marijuana industry, really drives that point home. To many people the marijuana jobs that are listed on our site are their dream jobs”.

Using the site is free unless you want to have your company’s job listing featured on the site, which will cost $25 and will become available next month.

This is a great addition to the industry.  If you’re looking for your dream job in cannabis, maybe you’ll find it at THCjobs.

[source THC Jobs]

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  1. vendors? growers? free eddy lepp! , doctors , attorneies, court certified 215 420 !!! push hard for your rights! free luke scarmazzo and ricardo montez!

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  2. Need a Job? Want to Work in the MMJ Industry?

    #mmj #mmot #weed #marijuana #cannabis

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  3. Now, you simmer down now! We dont want to make TOO much sense!

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  4. PaddingtonSocks via Reddit on

    Now I just need to wait for an Australian job to open

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  5. 'Corrupted Mind via Facebook on

    I can provide you with fresh on a daily basis, If you need

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  6. 'Corrupted Mind via Facebook on

    fresh news 420 :)

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  7. If only I could move to a state where they have medicinal marijuana.

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  8. do i have to move and if so can i live in the shoppe cause i will i also need this job

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  9. Check out if you need to make some money. Buy low sell high.

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  10. I would like to find out what qualifications are involved. I think that it would be an exciting job opertunity.

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