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What’s the best way to keep from getting killed: join the military or stay a civilian?  Well, if you’re a Mexican, you might want to enlist.  According to the latest numbers, more people were killed in drug prohibition-related violence in Mexico in 2010 than were killed in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, 140,000 NATO troops are fighting the War on Terror.  In Mexico, 50,000 federal troops are fighting the War on Drugs.

In Afghanistan, a little over 10,000 people were killed (about 1/5 of those civilians), according to the country’s interior ministry.  Those numbers include insurgents, civilians, NATO and Afghani government forces.

In Mexico, estimates of drug-related deaths range between 12,456 and 15,000, depending on who you ask.  The Mexican attorney general’s office uses the lower number while Agence France-Presse uses the higher and others generally fall in between.  Whichever number you choose, more people were killed in Mexico than were killed in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan: full-on warfare with aircraft, artillery, machine guns, bombs, tanks, rockets, and all of the grit and fighting that goes along with it.

In Mexico?  Drug prohibition and cartels eager to take advantage of the opportunity created by market demand for drugs that are now illegal – at any cost.

Looks like the term “Drug War” is more apt than we might have thought..

[source AlterNet]

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    Imagine that! Really doesn’t surprise me!

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