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THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8-9 weeks
average for plant size

(aka “Four Way,” “4Way,” etc.)

This is a common hybrid of Sativa/Indica strains which gets its name from its ability to grow in any of four situations: indoors, outdoors, in greenhouse, or hydroponic.  It’s a popular plant because of its sweet aroma, smooth smoke, light and long-lasting high, and for its easy husbandry.

These grow to 60cm (dwarf) and to 175cm (full) with an 8-9 week flowering period.  Their production is not too much or too little and the taste is smooth and the smoke is silky.  This strain is a general strain and is prescribed as an alternative to others or as a general reliever for nausea, chronic pain, etc.

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    I don’t think you’re right about a couple things. First, 4-way, at least the 4-way I’ve had, is way, way, WAY better than medium. And I’ve been smoking about 40 years, so I know! Secondly, it is called 4-way because it represents 3 indica strains plus one strain of skunk#1. The 4-way I’ve had is way too refined to grow outside. Needs indoor TLC, with the whole shebang of relevant equipment, and sterile soil.

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