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Black Bubba
Rated 4 out of 1-5 (1 reviews)
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
9 Weeks

Black Bubba (Black Russian x Bubba Kush) a very rare and very tasty 70/30 indica dominant hybrid. Sweet smelling and tasting with fruity overtones. The smoke is that of a Kush; earthy and hashy with a sweetness up front and fruity aftertaste. Great for pain relief, but can easily give one couch lock.

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    I haven’t used your services yet,I’m trying to determine what would be
    The best Strain to help with my Arthritus ? I’ve tried a lot of diff but my only
    good experience was a strain I had in Washington State.It was an Indica
    Strain all one stalk,Bud whatever ya wanna call it and a dank,dark Green
    Color .A dime sized Nug took away 80% of my Pain.I have to take Morph
    Ine 4X Daily or Pain is so bad I can’t walk.Severe spinal injury,Fucking Drunks,I was hit @ 55 mph in a rest area,while sleeping in my cab of my
    Tractor Trailer in S.C.I’m tired of the Morphine ur up ur down and never
    have any energy.The Strain I refered to above,gave me energy too.Thank You for your help.Were moving to Florence,NJ & I realize I may have to wait.But I’m on Disability,and they consider me handicapped.I had a heart attack from the VIOX that was prescribed me.8-Years now and I’m not getting any better,so I think we may do business after I comply with NewJe rsey’s Laws.I want to know also if you send Alerts to diff strains you may have coming in to yourDispencery .ThankX Again Lightfoot420

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