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Rated 3.75 out of 1-5 (126 reviews)
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10 weeks
600 grams per plant (greenhouse)

This is an extremely mixed-origin hybrid with a background in Australian seed, South American strains, and more.  This is considered a premium greenhouse strain with a long flowering period (10 weeks) and a good harvest potential.  This strain is most often found in dispensaries in Southern California and sometimes Montana.

Mainly of Sativa extraction, the Blueberry is smooth to smoke, delivers a good, but not too potent buzz that doesn’t linger for too long.  This strain will most likely be prescribed as a replacement for small-dose options or for the occasional-need patient rather than the regular use one.  Most often for nausea, insomnia, or light (chronic) pain.  Quick delivery and a short-lived effectiveness are the hallmarks of this strain.

Looking for a place to buy Blueberry weed? Check Blueberry availability to find dispensaries near you with Blueberry in stock. You can also find other strains in stock near you using our medical marijuana strain locator.

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    A user on

    O my, this batch of Blueberry must be Indica-dominant. Which is superb cuz that’s what I prefer. Usually Indica-dominants are waay better @ addressing the medical reasons I smoke marijuana. Def a sleeper! Did not stay awake long after medicating last night. Pain gone; nausea minimal. Dizzy but whatever. Smell is best to date, very fresh green/blueberry smell. Nutty, creamy taste upon smoke (don’t know how that works :-). Hits ya like a ton of bricks. Maybe strongest head buzz to date. I could see Blueberry inducing my anxiety/paranoia if I smoked too much. But after a bowl, NO ANXIETY PARANOIA (a must for me). Body high dang near perfect. Def recommended strain for any kind of medical ailment such as migraines or nausea.

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