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THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8-9 weeks
low average

Popular as a Canadian plant, these have a distinctive orange carpet of hair.  Often compared to skunk weed, these are an Indica strain often grown indoors or on patios.  They do well in the temperate and cooler temperatures of the Summertime north.  They are short, stubby plants growing to about 55cm at max.

Flowering for 8 or 9 weeks, these plants grow well in higher altitudes and are popular amongst hikers, mountain bikers, and dog sledders.  While relatively higher cost in the U.S., these are often prescribed for nausea and to ad variety to a chronic symptom alleviation regimen.

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  • BEACH Collective
    Torrance, about 1593.02 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $20 $55 $110 $200 $380

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    Not much to look at, just small little buds, very light in color. Ironically, not that different from champagne grapes. What I stuck with me the most, which was definitely the aftertaste of champagne.

    It doesn’t seem to be all that common, which is just as well since I have others I would rate more highly.

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    Got this strain twice now, and each time it has blown me away. The taste was smoothe and the frosted white look the buds had was beautiful. Easily one of this stoner’s favorite smokes.

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