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INDICA DOMINANT HYBRID (Kentucky New Haven X Petrolia Headstash) X OG Kush Characteristic for an Indica dominant Hybrid: An initial slight rush, transitions to mental and body relaxation. On exhale, the taste of ” Kush” is strongly present, with a Sandalwood scent. It’s an Indica-dominant strain that produces an intense high, but also requires somewhat elongated recovery times. It has a very unique taste, scent, look, feel and high. When properly grown its leaves are dark green and are just a treat to look at with the heavy crystallization that occurs during flowering over every inch of the plant. The large Buds just exhume “KUSH” and is the real deal in modern marijuana. Petrolia Headstash was bread and stabilized in Humbolt County for twenty years.Just remember, it’s Indica-dominant nature makes it a very good candidate for night smoking when sedation is desired.The buzz can be paralyzing for the begining smoker.The “body high” of this strain reduces pain and muscles spasms while the “head” effect calms the CNS . Tested at 24% THC. It is favored by a wide variety of Patients with conditions such as Fibro-Myalgia or Chronic Pain. Great Strain for Acute and Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea and Headaches.

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