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Indica varieties are shorter and more bush like with thick leaves. Originally from the Kush Mountains, they are a hearty plant that grows well in temperate climates. Indica highs are felt more in the body, and strains with higher THC content may cause "couch lock". They are good for night-time use and are often used for insomnia.

Indica 26-50 of 200

Blue Mystic

Blue Satellite

Blueberry Kush

Boulder Creek Kush

Bubba Kush

Bubba Master Kush

Bubba OG

Caribou Lou



Cheese x Afghani

Chemdawg 4


Chocolate Chunk

Citrus Ice

Cotton Candy Kush

Critical Mass


Deep Purple

Diablo OG

Double Bubble Kush

ED Confidential


Ethiopian Highlands

Exotic Purple