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Indica varieties are shorter and more bush like with thick leaves. Originally from the Kush Mountains, they are a hearty plant that grows well in temperate climates. Indica highs are felt more in the body, and strains with higher THC content may cause "couch lock". They are good for night-time use and are often used for insomnia.

Indica 1-25 of 200

Mars OG
Rating: 4.63

Purple Goo
Rating: 4.62

Rating: 4.62

Rating: 5.00

Master Mars OG Kush
Rating: 5.00

Rating: 5.00

Private Reserve OG
Rating: 5.00

Super Meds
Rating: 5.00

Grand Daddy Purple
Rating: 4.08

Bubba Kush
Rating: 4.07

Purple Kush
Rating: 4.04

Northern Lights
Rating: 4.22

Blackberry Kush
Rating: 4.00

Blue Cheese
Rating: 4.05

Rating: 3.98

Rating: 4.16

Grape Ape
Rating: 4.14

Rating: 4.29

LA Confidential
Rating: 4.06

Purple Erkel
Rating: 4.10

God's Gift
Rating: 4.20

Hindu Kush
Rating: 4.16

Afghan Kush
Rating: 3.84

White Rhino
Rating: 4.00

Rating: 3.95