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THC Level:
Flowering Time:
6 Weeks

This is an upgraded selection of the valued former Afghan/Skunk. The taste is softer than before with an impressive yield. The Afghani (Mazar-i-Shariff) part is a very short Christmas Tree-like plant, 100% Indica and very resinous. The F1-cross with Skunk.

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    I have smoked a lot of different strains and this is my favourite , i keep going back to maz.
    i love kali mist,white russian and flo too but mazar gets you off every bong and lasts hours, its very trippy though and paranoia when your not experianced, don,t knock you out ,no couch lock , although one plant made me a little tired, dont reek the place out tastes sweet when you get it right. Two down sides when growing had a small clone and a weird purple mazar that was weird taste harsh. But im rambleing now sooooo stoned off my mazar LOVE LIFE.

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