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Mercury OG
Rated 4.75 out of 1-5 (4 reviews)
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    Buzz Length: 90 minutes. Rating: 10

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    These flowers are light green with orange hairs and a coating of trichomes so heavy, if you put them in sunlight they sparkle like diamonds. The scent is strong pine, with pungent earthy undertones.

    When it comes to taste, those with a taste for a sweet, smooth smoke that has no bitter aftertaste whatsoever will absolutely love this flower. There is good expansion, but it won’t make you loose a lung.

    The effects are very heavy, but creep up on you and wash over your entire body in waves. I distinctly remember getting in touch with my reptilian brain after 2 good pulls from the glass pipe. I alternated from being completely stunned to laughing hysterically for almost 3 hours and it finished with a strong burn out. This strain is excellent for night time stress relief, insomnia, and certainly nausea or lack of appetite.

    Definitely a WOW strain, looking forward to the other planets.

    Picked this up at The Happy Co-Op in San Diego.

    Buzz Length: 120 minutes. Rating: 9

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    A user on

    Very nice, little cotton mouth…can be couch locker if over medicated: Love how it sharpens my senses, sound especially… Clarity if you need it…..I continue to find how uniquely the stress and Fibromyalgia just go away. Top 10, seriously… If you find it, grab it and use it sparingly…. to be enjoyed thoroughly.

    Buzz Length: 140 minutes. Rating: 9

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    A user on

    Mercury OG is a great find! The effects are Euphoric and Uplifting. The high feels like a liquid high in the way that everything goes smoothly (perception). Music is especially stimulating with this strain in my opinion. This reminded me a bit of Kosher Kush but with a very unique feeling of it’s own. I use this strain in the evening for enjoying music/movies and going to sleep. I would pick this strain up again!

    Buzz Length: 90 minutes. Rating: 9

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