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Permafrost is a cross of Trainwreck and White widow. Very relaxing and good for stress and anxiety. Very clean smell.

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    Very interesting smell and taste. Almost spicy. This bud was hyped so I decided I would pick some up on my dispensary run today. I had already got a couple other things so I asked for 2 grams of permafrost without even looking at it because I was in a hurry (Stupid move). The bud was very plain looking. Nothing special at all. Plus it was BONE DRY. It was horrible. The smoke was harsh and the high was barely even felt. I just got a bad batch and will try again. But 6/10 for me right now.

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    my outdoor/indoor permafrost has reached 10.5 feet tall with tops averaging 24″. The smell in the garden is heavenly while the smell in the jar is like a bale of hay. Too bad when the stone is super heavy and I’m not shure if there is a come down from the high until your head hits the pillow.

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