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Sativa plants are typically tall with slender leaves. They are known for producing a more uplifting and energetic high. Some varieties higher in THC content are more cerebral making sativas a good choice for the day time.

Sativa 1-25 of 102

Space Helmet
Rating: 5.00

Rating: 4.83

Purple Pineapple
Rating: 5.00

Super Jack
Rating: 5.00

Sour Diesel
Rating: 4.20

OG Kush
Rating: 4.14

Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Rating: 4.15

Super Silver Haze
Rating: 4.25

Strawberry Cough
Rating: 3.97

Durban Poison
Rating: 4.22

Super Lemon Haze
Rating: 4.17

Lemon Haze
Rating: 4.24

Maui Wowie
Rating: 4.04

Amnesia Haze
Rating: 4.16

Purple Haze
Rating: 4.12

Lamb's Bread
Rating: 4.33

Rating: 3.81

Rating: 4.06

Rating: 3.76

Juicy Fruit
Rating: 3.86

Blue Widow
Rating: 4.05

Golden Goat
Rating: 4.23

Cannalope Haze
Rating: 4.06

Rating: 4.12

Hawaiian Snow
Rating: 4.26