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Space Helmet
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Space Helmet is a very rare strain created here in beautiful Colorado. Its genetics are Sour Kush (Headband) x Martian Mean Green. The name says it all, its one tasty and spacey sativa.

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    Best bud I have ever smoked buddy only had a little for his head stash makes his tw and purp look like mids. Looks as if somebody painted it with crystals. Comparable to a dab of wax

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    A total, All-Time Favorite strain !! My buddy grew a first generation clone& kept it in flower an extra month… Holy Snikeys! It was the most crystally/tricone covered bud I have ever seen& it’s the STANKYIEST smelling plant, Chemdog has no smell compared to this- should call it Sasquash. The High…. First off, technically it’s a Sativa, but it hits like an Indica& keeps coming round to keep you blasted like a Haze. It’s of course, a really ‘heady’ high. NOT for daytime. I found it hard to concentrate on much of anything& so we watched ‘Pluto Nash’ & actually enjoyed the film. I think that should tell you all you need to know about this brutal daywrecker!

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